Baby Nubian goats from 4 ADGA registered does and 2 ADGA registered bucks. We have 3 doelings left and 6 bucklings, one (Cloud) is polled. All the bucklings have been disbudded and given their baby shots by our vet. The herd has tested negative for the 3 prominent diseases and paperwork is available. A sampling of photos -I was unable to attach all. Our web page is and email is


March began with Anaya giving birth to quadruplets...3 bucklings and 1 doeling. Moments before kidding, she collapsed and could not get up. We had our vet out to deliver the kids and it was looking pretty grim for my sweet girl.  John has been such a god-send. Four times a day, he went out and using a beach towel as a handle, lifted her up and flipped her and may her stand for a while. Our vet said she could nurse while lying down and we wanted the kids to get the colostrum. Eventually, it was easier to just bottle feed then with her milk and Chikey's who kidded 2 days later. Chikey usually has quads but thankfully only had 2 this year-a most gorgeous, large white with black spots buckling and 1 very sturdy and very pretty doeling. A few days later Chikelu kidded. Jole had two very pretty black with whiten spots twin doelings. We had to wait till April 21st for Jig to kid, bringing our kidding season to a close with triplets. A large caramel and white spotted buckling, a black buckling and a reddish brown (auburn) doeling. This buckling and doeling have the shiniest coats I have ever seen.

Anaya can now stand and walk. She is eating, loves to be brushed, loves her treats but cannot venture out into pasture. I did have her out with me one afternoon but it proved too much for her. She cannot straighten her wrist joint out and keeps it bent. John is still doing PT but I think this is the best she will get. I want her to live out her remaining days comfortable and happy. She has been such a pure pleasure and a real gift to our family.